It is finished……..

…….. finally after 5 months.

On Sept. 28, Joni took me to the ER, and yet again, ended up in surgery to repair another ventral hernia.  Actually to repair an old one, and fix a brand new one.

10 days after that, I went back to the Dr. to have the staples removed, only to find out that 2″ of the incision on the surface hadn’t healed properly, and about 5″ deep internally had failed to heal.

For the next 3 months, every morning after my shower, Joni had to pack the wound with about 2′ of gauze, and put enough pads on the surface to make sure that it didn’t “seep” through my clothes.  I know….. yick!

After 3 months of this, the internal wound was only slightly smaller, and Joni was instructed by the Dr. to push her finger as far as she could into the wound so that the skin wouldn’t heal and cause an abscess. Nice……

On Jan. 2, we decided to go with a “wound vac”.  Basically a vacuum that sucks the fluid from the wound, and pulls the skin together, so that it will heal more quickly.

It did….. finally.  The KCI rep told me that the vac increases the healing time twice to 2/3 as fast.  I can’t imagine asking Joni to pack that wound until summer time.

Today, the Dr. released me with some antibiotic cream and a guaze pad.  FINALLY!!!!

Joni is the real hero here.  The CRAP that she had to go through to help me through this was above and beyond.  She didn’t sign up for this 13 years ago, but did it all without a complaint.  That’s only one reason why I love her beyond any and everything.


When should I get my new hernia fixed……….



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2 responses to “It is finished……..

  1. Beth

    When you do get it fixed, please let us all know so we can ALL pray for you. I am so sorry this was such an ordeal for you. Amazing wife you have there!

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