Back…..Back on the Blog

(title reference to a very cool Quincy Jones tune)

Well, I’m back for now.  Just to catch you up, here’s whats new from the last time we spoke……….

June 6 – Last day of school, summer starts!!!!

Julyish – Kids swimming lessons, very fun

August – install new chainlink fence for Champ.  He promptly begins chasing and catching small yard vermin that are now trapped in his yard.  Count to date, 1 squirrel and 4 rabbits.  Side note…… he grabbed the squirrel off of the side of the tree.

August 8 – BBQ & Baptism @ The Orchard.  Our annual celebration.  Over 100 made a public delaration of their faith in Christ.  Absolutely awesome!!!!  Joni was baptized.  I cried like a child.  I was also honored the Mike asked me to spear head the technical side of things.  He asked me to book the band, get sound for them, as well as sound gear for the baptism area at the pool.

End of August – School starts.  :^(

September –  Hardest recruitment in my teaching career.  Can’t go into it other than saying that I thought I had a stroke at one point.  No joke.

September 28 – Emergency hernia surgery.  Yes.  This makes number 4.

September 29 –  Night classes @ The Illinois Center for Broadcasting begins.  Yes, I missed the first 4 classes due to my surgery.  Luckily, Tamesha from class lives down the street, and agreed to let me ride with her until my driving restriction was lifted.  Vicadin you know….

October 20 – back to work.  10lb lifting restriction and no blowing.  Looks like I’m teaching via video.  Thanks to my new used Mac Book Pro and Dennis Ostermann, the video worked out pretty well.  You can check them out at my band blog.

November 13 –  Interview at ESPN for an internship.  They offer it to me on the spot.  I get to work at ESPN for 5 months!!!!!!

Thanksgiving – short vacation of sorts.  Went downstate to visit my family, and stayed in a hotel with the kids.  They had a ball in the pool.  Unfortunately, my belly is still healing, so couldn’t join them, but had fun none the less. 

Yes you read it right.  Belly still healing.  Joni has the priveledge of packing my still open wound with gauze everymorning, rebandaging me, and sending me on my way.  Considering a “wound vac” to speed things up.

December 16 –  First night of internship at ESPN Radio 1000 on “The Show”.  1 hour drive takes 3 hours due to first real snow storm of the year.  More on this in the next post.

Kind of long I know, but it’s been a while.



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2 responses to “Back…..Back on the Blog

  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere. Looking forward to reading more about The Show!

  2. Welcome back, Doug. Sorry to hear about the medical issues, but hopefully those will be gone soon. Congratulations on the internship! That would be a cool gig to have. Look forward to reading up on it.

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