Playing with Garbage

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not made of money, but my kids have way more toys than they actually play with in a year.

But yesterday, I’m replacing some screens in our screen door, and went inside for just a minute to put the fish sticks in the oven.  I return back to my driveway to find my 3 children playing with garbage.  They had taken all of the screen scraps, the cardboard tube the screen came on, and anything else they found in the can and had it strewn around my driveway in some sort of fantasy playland.

I swear……

………..we’re just one step away from mowing and fertilizing our lawn with barnyard animals.



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6 responses to “Playing with Garbage

  1. Nah, that’s just kids. One year I bought mine some overpriced item from Little Tykes, and they ended up playing with the boxes. I quit trying to figure it out a long time ago.

  2. Beth

    And why is it that we don’t allow toy weapons in our house, but these boys keep making swords to duel with out of just about anything? Especially all the sticks we have in the yard from these continual storms hitting us…ugh!

    Someone is going to lose an eye…haha

  3. Brenda

    Hey! Are you still alive? Long time no post. Surely, something exciting has happened since May.

  4. Man those long cardboard tubes are the best!

    A spy glass.

    A horn.

    A sword.

    An ear piece.

    And if I were still a kid I’m sure I could come up with a bunch more. lol

  5. Brenda

    Facebook. It’s better than blogging and not so one-sided. There’s lots of people you know on there. Come join us in cyberspace.

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