Decision Time

Sorry.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  No reason really, I just haven’t felt like I have much to say.  Actually, we’ve had a lot of stuff going on with Joni’s health, and she’s done a really good job of posting about it.  Check it out here if you’re interested.

We do however have some decisions to make in the coming weeks, and if you’re so inclined, feel free to check in.

I’m registered to start taking classes this fall at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting.  I’ve always been super interested in T.V. and Radio, specifically radio.  Joni and I decided that it would be cool for me to take some night classes to learn some more about the business and how it all works.  In a 10 month period of time, they teach you everything from Sports play by play, to behind the scenes video editing and production, to voice overs.  Pretty exciting stuff.  A potential new career in something that seems really fun and outside of anything I’ve ever done.  I believe I’d get to mesh my love of sports, radio, creativity, and my dumb voices into a career.

It also means that I’ll be out of commission for any sort of church service for almost 10 months.  That actually all depends on what night classes meet, and will they conflict with rehearsals at The Orchard.  It also not realistic that I’d get a job right out of the box that would support my family.  Chances are, I’d be doing part-time radio/tv for a while until I could build up enough clout and experience to go full time.  Hard work and scary.

Teaching didn’t seem to suck as much this year, which is something new.  I worked some new things into my r  o  u  t  i  n  e  that kept me generally interested in going to work each day.  If I choose the safe path, I can take more teaching classes, move over a few more lanes on the salary schedule, make a little more money each year, and support my family with a stable job, and keep my 15 weeks of vacation.  Not much fun, but very safe, stable and comfortable.

Either option will cost money.  We’ll probably do student loans for the Radio stuff, and probably just do credit cards for the teaching stuff.  We’ve got pretty good credit right now.

The other thing bouncing around in my head is my music ministry.  I love the arts ministry that Mike is leading at The Orchard, and being a part of it.  As leaders, I would follow Scott and Chris anywhere.  But to this point, I feel that my music ministry has stagnated.  Notice that I said “MY” music ministry.  Is it perhaps that I’m not listening for what God has in store for me and following my own wants?  Quite possible, but it goes against all of the other confirmation that I’ve felt over the past few years.  At this point, I’ll continue to remain patient, and keep praying for opportunities to present themselves.

Whatever we decide will be a step of faith that will include varying amounts of fear and varying amounts of comfort for my family.

Thoughts?  Advice?  Direction?  Discernment?



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3 responses to “Decision Time

  1. I’ve been there as a music teacher, man. I loved the kids, loved what I did, but sometimes too much just got to be too much. Best of luck to you as you make your decision in all of this.

  2. Hi Doug,
    Like you, I haven’t had much to say letely and just happened to visit your site today. I recall from my Christian days the tension of balancing trusting and waiting on the Lord against stepping out and deciding to do something new, with all the fear of the unknown (especially around family concerns). I got excited when I read that you have enrolled in the radio night class, because I’m sure that this will lead to new opportunities for you that you can then choose to take. You will meet people who know people in the industry and you will have chances to create the life you aspire to. I find it a bit frustrating when people advise you to “follow your passion” as this does not seem particularly practical or realistic given the sometimes rather harsh reality of managing family finances. I think the path you are choosing right now is a great balance between the two and my gut feeling is that you are on the right track. If I could offer one piece of advice it would be to always keep your eyes open for new opportunities that may present themselves, and when you see them to jump on them and run with them as far as they will go. Many people miss out on so much because of fear. I’m glad you’re moving things forward and I wish you all the best!

  3. Dolores Cadena

    Doug, we attend The Orchard and I must say, “YOU ROCK!!” Please do not be discouraged. I’m always glad to see you up there, especially when you sing. Brother, you have an awesome voice and talent. I wish you had the opportunity to sing more. Keep on keepin on! I will pray that you will make the right decisions for you and your family!

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