Miracles and answered prayer!

We’ve had two major miracles happen in our household this past week.

This is a picture of the display on our stereo in our truck.  It hasn’t lit up in at least 3 years.  Joni snapped this picture on her phone yesterday.  HEALED!!!! ….. but for how long.


About a year ago, our 15 1/2 year old cat was diagnosed as diabetic.  Last week at his “senior” checkup, he was given a clean bill of health.  I’m quite certain we have the prayers of my mom and brother to thank for this, as they have always been two of Goofy’s biggest fans.

Perhaps “Science Diet Senior” for cats is the cure for diabetes that we’ve all been looking for.  It could also be the 20 hours a day that he sleeps.

Who says miracles never happen.


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  1. Do you drive a Ford? Or do all stereos look like that these days? I drive an F-150. Glad to hear about the cat–looks like he’s going to get through this with a few of his 9 lives to spare.

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