Pick YOUR favorite! UPDATE!!

Haven’t posted in a while, but thought that I’d update you on the dogs that I’ve had up here for a while.

Again, these in no particular order.

Puppies…….(not for us, we’re still potty training our own)

(photo from Hillview Kennels)


Randy……. ADOPTED!!!




Romey…… ADOPTED!!!!!



Emily…….. ADOPTED!!!!!!!


We’re a few weeks away yet, and with the exception of the puppies, these animals are all rescue dogs. We’ll have to get together with them to see how they react to our kids, and in some cases, the rescue organizations themselves will come out and check us out at our home.

Remember, we’re in Chicago. Vote early vote often!!!



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13 responses to “Pick YOUR favorite! UPDATE!!

  1. I’m thinking Sydney looks like a nice yellow lab. Let us know which one you pick.

  2. Beth

    Even though I am partial to choc. labs, I love Snow’s smiling face. I recommend not going with the Beagle – they are VERY barky!!!

  3. Momma Donna

    You know how I feel Doug!!!!

    But I really do like the way Snow appears.
    What do you know about her?

  4. Clyde is my first but of course we’re not allowed to have him now. And Romey is next in line.

  5. Mark Mende

    You can never go wrong with a yellow lab. Best dogs in the world… next to Rottweilers, of course…

  6. Dan

    I like Snow, Emily, and Romey. There’s just something about a lab!! And beagles are so cute, until you have to chase them all over the damn county because they won’t stop running rabbits – then the cuteness wears off real quick. That depends (0f course) on whether or not you are going to eat the rabbits. If you are, then the beagles become cute again because they are putting free food on the table.

  7. Beth

    Randy is a cutie….do you know what breeds he is? I still love Snow’s expression. How old is Snow?

  8. have you seen the new litters at HV Kennels? Oh…my…word.

  9. Beth

    Doug who are the breeders/owners at Hillview? Dad may know them if they have Field dogs, since Dad had that National Champion, Hondo.

  10. If you don’t choose Snow… I will!
    Let me know if she does not get adopted!

  11. emily, i have a special spot in my heart for black labs, that and my Ricky sure could use a new playmate (my mom’s dogs are old and curmudgeonly)…. black labs are AWESOME DOGS!!!!
    that’s my 2cents.

  12. tom

    1. Randy
    2. Romey
    3. Snow

    Can they hold a debate?

  13. Jean Cox

    Emily, because shelters have a harder time finding people to take black dogs. They get put down more often. The light colored dogs will probly get adopted.

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