It is finished……almost.

Today at 12:04 pm, our realtor called, and told me that a price had been agreed upon concerning the sale of our townhouse.  PRAISE GOD!!!!!  Negotiations were textbook.  Both sides met exactly in the middle of our asking price and their first offer.

Now what?

Ok, there’s the closing which will happen before the end of March, which is also a GREAT thing, but what’s next?

We got into the real estate market with the goal of giving ourselves some cash flow and breathing room month to month.  So that we could have an emergency fund other than our credit cards.  We haven’t crunched the numbers officially, but by all estimations, we’re at the same place in which we began.  A GREAT thing if you consider we entered and exited the real estate market at it’s lowest point in decades.

But now what?

I don’t ask that looking for the next big challenge.  I know Joni freaked out when I asked it the first time a paragraph or two ago.  I ask it, looking for what God taught me/us through it.  What did he teach me about himself?  What did he teach me about myself?  What is he trying to show me?  My glass half empty way of asking it, is what am I missing?

This is still all fresh and technically still not over until the closing.  I’m sure I’ll be back to share more of this saga.

 For those of you that have been praying for us, T H A N K    Y O U!!!!!


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  1. Beth

    Glad to hear about the sale. Did you ever think about buying a rental property? Investment, income, etc.? I know a good attorney in Naperville area to help you with the legal stuff.

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