Parents, be thankful

As a father, there are times when I get really frustrated with my kids.

–  When my son tries to ride his sisters tricycle down the slide, falls off and hurts himself, and then tries it again the next day.

–  When my youngest, refuses to use the potty.

–  When my oldest doesn’t respond to people the way that I’d like her to respond when they say something as simple as Hi.

And then I have a friend who has a baby, who the Drs. tell that they need to cherish every moment with their new daughter.  That there’s no chance she’ll live past a few days at best.

Could you hear the smack?  It was the sound of perspective hitting me square in the forehead.

Those things that drive me bonkers about my kids, don’t seem nearly so big, and I drop to my knees and thank God that Joni and I have been blessed with healthy kids.  We’re 3 for 3.  No miscarriages thank God.  No defects of any kind, physical or mental.

I don’t know why we are so blessed, I just know that we are.

The fact of the matter is, that I also have a friend who’s son has Down’s Syndrome.  And while she would confess that it’s probably the hardest thing she’s ever gone through, she would also tell you, that while her son is not “normal”, he is just as big a blessing as my own “normal” kids.

And then as a teacher, I hear of the things that some of my students must endure at home.  It’s no wonder that they react the way they do at school.  It’s an habitual reaction to what they are used to.

Parents, cherish your kids.  They are a blessing.  They are your legacy.

Luke 17:2



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2 responses to “Parents, be thankful

  1. Amen. Thanks for the timely reminder, Doug.

  2. yeah. i was just thinking about this too.

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