To Do List for Thurs. 2/21/08

– Get kids from sitter (5 min.)

– Laundry (towels)5th load in, 5th load drying, 5th load folded (11:00 pm)

– Unload, Reload the dishwasher (15 min.)

– Read w/Maddie (15 min.)

– Fix screen door in garage (1 min.)

– Get dehumidifier out of closet (15 min.)

– Fix Dinner (15 min.)

– Make sure Survivor and CSI/Lost are set to be recorded. Does anyone know if CSI is a repeat? (2 min.)

– PJs, Potty, Pearls, & Prayers (kids bedtime)(20 min.)

– Work on transcription for GIA.

– To bed after the news (10:30). (actually Midnight)

We’ll see how well I do. Check back in. I’m going to try and keep track of exactly how long each task takes to actually complete.

Thanks Jon!!



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4 responses to “To Do List for Thurs. 2/21/08

  1. Beth

    I have a husband I can lend you. He is going to be home from work for EIGHT weeks because of his hand injury. PLEASE let him help you with some of the things you need done. Love him…but EIGHT weeks. I’ll pray for you if you pray for me. hahaha

  2. Jon F

    Now that’s what I call a list!
    Well Done Doug! 🙂
    Another thing I have tried recently when I got quite a bad case of the “it’s all getting too hard blues” was to draw a picture of it. Sounds weird I know, but it actually really helped. I was worried about a particular project at work and when I “drew how I felt about it”, I saw that I had drawn a nice square, but with a little scribble in one corner. So that really helped me see that in fact the lions share of the project was actually done, and there was just one little niggly bit “in the corner” that needed to be swept up. Stupid thing when I sat down and did that bit, it only took about an hour! (I has stewed over it for several weeks).
    In any case, that’s a fine list you have there!

  3. Beth, I’ll agree to pray for ya’ll, but more “man” around her is NOT what we need, especially one that’s only got one good flipper.

    Jon, I read about your “drawing” on your blog a few weeks back. That’s a bit more abstract than I’m used to. I’m a bit more black and white than that, and DEFINATELY not a visual artist, although I presume that’s not really what it’s about.

    I’m not ruling it out, I guess I just don’t “get it” at this point. The list is working great today!

  4. Mark Mende

    Well, my friend, it sounds like today was a much better day. I don’t know how to pray half the time, either. I don’t know if God hears me or if I want Him to and I went through a period a few months ago when I actually told a friend that I don’t know if I really cared what God thought about what I was doing.

    All I know is I prayed for you this morning after reading your post. Sometimes we just get in those places where you don’t know what is what. But I keep coming back to the one thing I do believe and that is, God is good.

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