Rambo Parenting



Friday night, my friend Packy and I went to see Rambo.  Think what you want, but I’ve always been a big Rambo fan.  Yes, even the third one.  No oscars here, unless there’s one for ‘volume of dismemberments’.  But I digress…..

We got into the theatre about 10 minutes early, and were greeted by 3 HS dudes running around throwing garbage at each other.  They mistakenly got there 30 minutes early, and to their credit, chilled out once we arrived.  Guy after guy streamed into theatre, which is to be expected.  No chick flick here

About 10 minutes into the movie, it happened……

A family walks in and sits in front of us.

A Dad and mom, and 4 kids.

What’s the big deal you say?

2 of the 4 kids were probably not in school yet, kindergarten tops.  The other 2 couldn’t have yet been in MS.

The carnage took on a whole new perspective.  It was all we could do not to get up and lead the kids out ourselves.  The more disturbing part was that it didn’t really seem to bug the kids too much.  I kept thinking that they would hide their faces or jump during the explosions, but they just appeared to sit there and munch on their popcorn.

This is just more evidence towards some sort of parental licensing.  You need a license to drive a car.  You need a license to own a gun.  Yet any man and woman who can fog a mirror can produce offspring.


HD is not kind to my man Sly.



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5 responses to “Rambo Parenting

  1. i saw Rambo on Sunday after group. it was ok, good action flick. i enjoyed the fact that he helped out Missionaries, but dang the carnage and profanity were a bit overdone. i think there were more amputations and decapitations in the first 20 minutes than in every horror movie i have ever seen, not to mention the man vividly turned to hamburger courtesy of a mortor shell 5 minutes into it
    this was a movie NO child under 16 should have been allowed to see. PERIOD, those parents should have had their parenting card pulled immediately.

    there are some things that children should be kept innocent of until they are able to process the information. the horrors of the world (which the movie depicted probably quite accurately) should never enter a child’s imagination.
    “be careful little eyes what you see”

  2. So Mythbusters, How Its Made, and Man vs. Wild is ok though, right? How else would JD know you can eat an ant?

  3. Beth

    Those are probably the same parents that smoke in the car and house around their kids! It makes me sick that babies would be exposed to such violence!!!

    My friend’s kids think I am just cruel because I won’t let my 4 & 5 yr olds watch the Transformer movie…or even Star Wars. I am such a cruel mother! I say let kids be innocent of the world’s cruelty as long as possible.

  4. Our kids are 10 and 12, and whenever either is invited over to a friends place for a sleepover we always make a point of asking if they will be watching a video. Some parents are really good, but others just let the kids watch whatever the hell they want to. You just can’t assume too much with this sort of thing. My kids of course complain and will use every argument they can to convince me its ok to watch an R16, but I just keep tellin them “kids, it’s my job to look after you and I’m going to do that as well as I can.”

  5. In the words of Colonel Trautman: “God didn’t make Rambo; I did.”

    I could come down on those parents, but I took my dog to see “Eight Below” and she still has nightmares. My bad.

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