We’ve been in the midst of a great series at The Orchard called The Advent Conspiracy.  In a nutshell, we’re being encouraged to focus more on giving relationally this season, instead of focusing on giving so many gifts.  My description does not at all do this series justice.  Click here to learn more about it.

Scott said “resist” yesterday in his message that sort of sent me off on my own little rabbit trail (Sorry Scott for drifting, but sometimes God does that to me).  I am honestly struggling to remember the context, but I think it had to do with resisting temptation, like Christ did in the desert.  It got me to thinking about all the things/temptations that I need to resist.

Over-eating.  Just resist it.  Don’t do it.  Put down the fork.  Don’t go for a second helping.

Eating unhealthy foods.  Resist “driving through”.  Period.

Thinking the worst of people.  It seems that I automatically think poorly of someone without getting the real story.  I’m sometimes right.  Mostly I’m not.

Resist yelling at my kids.  I’m getting much better at this one, but I’m discovering it’s actually a choice.

What an ugly list!!  Help a brother out…..

……What should you resist?


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One response to “Resist……

  1. Brenda

    TV and computers. I waste so much time… and then complain that I don’t have time to get in the Word. That’s a big struggle for me.

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