King remembered

You don’t realize how much a part of your life your pet is until they’re not there.

– He wasn’t there this morning to get a scratch on the head as I went to feed him and our cat.

– He wasn’t in the living room as I went to look out the front window.

– He wasn’t there to take out last night before bed, or this morning prior to leaving for work.

– He didn’t great me at the door with that “smile”, ears, and wagging tail.

It’s so quiet……

– No nails on the laminate floor.

– No barking at things outside.

It’s just so different.

We miss you buddy.



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2 responses to “King remembered

  1. beth

    What a wonderful tribute video to a great dog. Thanks for sharing King with us.

  2. tom

    Wow. So sorry. I know how ridiculously much it hurts. It probably shouldn’t but it just does. It hurt when we put Harvey down, and Harvey and I didn’t even really like each other that much.

    When Jean took Harvey to the vet, it was my job to go through the house and take all the dog stuff out so it wasn’t there when she got home.

    I’ll hug Belle a little tighter tonight.

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