The end is near…….

It’s going to be a lot different around the house this Christmas season.   A lot quieter, more sadness, a lot cleaner, and a lot safer.

Our dog King is almost 10 years old, and as he’s gotten older, and his personality has changed.  We thought perhaps that he was in pain.  Arthritis, displasia, something.  Nope.  The vet says that physically he’s very healthy.

They told us that they could run some blood tests;  that they were fine last summer, but things change.  Honestly, if they found something wrong, we wouldn’t be able to afford the remedy.  We come up short every month as it is, and wisdom dictates that we not spend a lot of cash on the dog.  We feed him and give him his yearly exams and heartworm preventative, but can’t go much further than that.

He’s getting more aggressive, and the biggest concern is how much he’s nipping and trying to bite the kids.  Granted, most of the time it’s in self defense as the kids run around and play, but it’s happening far to often.  He bit me a couple of weeks ago, and drew blood, and all I was doing was reaching out to grab his paw, something I’ve done hundreds of times before.

We contacted the agency from where we adopted him, hoping they could find a foster home for him, but fosters for “senior” dogs are  hard to find.  No luck.

We’re left with three options.

1.  Keep him, and constantly warn the kids to stay away from him, and run the risk that he’s not really going to hurt one of them.  Not an option.

2.  Keep him crated or outside whenever the kids are awake and around.  This is a possibility, but not all that kind to the dog.  He is a dog, but at the age of 10, this is a pretty drastic change in his lifestyle.

3.  Put him to sleep.

As I type this, #3 seems to be the best option for us.

I will be devastated.  I have no idea how to talk to my kids about it.  Leaving the vet today, they were asking if “King is all better now”.

Any insights out there?

I haven’t even gotten to the 15 year old, blind and diabetic cat…….

merry christmas……….


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