Parent/Teacher Conferences

We went to our oldest daughter’s parent/teacher conference last night.  She’s in first grade, so there haven’t been very many of these, so I was a bit nervous going in.  I know what I see and experience at home, both with her school work and with her behavior towards her parents and her siblings.  There are highs and lows to both.  Oddly, I find myself complaining a LOT about the lows, and not nearly focusing enough on the highs.

What we found out was that out of 146 first graders, she is in the top 16 readers in the class, and that she has a 100% average in math.  The teacher told us that the only reason her math grade isn’t higher, is that there’s not really any chance for higher enrichment at this point.  It’s still too early in the year.  I’m so proud of her!!!

However, what we also found out, that to me is even better is her high marks in “citizenship”;  the way she interacts with teachers and her other classmates.  Her teacher raved about how helpful she is, and kind to everyone.  WHEW!!!!  This is the stuff that we’ve been working so hard on with her.  She’ll learn what she’ll learn in school, but how she treats others, is a direct reflection on her home life.  Again, I couldn’t be prouder of her.

Now don’t get me wrong, she talks out in class and is loud.  This is also further proof that she is my daughter.  She is also fairly quick to point out when things are out of order, or if it’s done the incorrect way.  Yes, she has also caught my legalistic gene.  She is the queen of routine, but we’re working on flexibility.

Give us time.  I’m only 40. 


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