What inspires you?

This question was posed to me this past week and I’ve spent a fair amount of time mulling it over.  It surprised me a bit, but after thinking about it, I’m inspired in a number of different areas.

–  I’m inspired by listening to a good “message”.  Chris laid on a good one yesterday.

–  I’m inspired by stories of success.  Whether it be athletic success, spiritual success, weight loss success, it makes no difference.

–  I’m inspired by listening to memorable music.  It’s mostly music from HS & College.  I’ve been listening to a lot of Huey Lewis as well as Earth, Wind, & Fire recently.  My kids love it by the way.

–  I’m inspired by music that is played skillfully.  It doesn’t make a difference whether it is worship, Rock, or classical.  If it is played skillfully, I love it.  It’s one reason why I love to listen and worship with Tommy Walker.  He’s a wonderfully skilled worship leader, but also is a virtuoso guitar player, and his band SMOKES!!!

–  I’m inspired by other people.  I love being in groups of people that accomplish something.  Whether it’s a producion on a sunday morning, or a group of missionarys in El Salvador.  It moves me.

–  I’m inspired when God uses me.  See above.

Where do you get your inspiration?


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