Weeks #30, #31, #32, & #33 Weigh-In

Quite a rollercoaster ride from my last weigh-in 4 weeks ago (week #29).  Some health issues, back to school, wife starts a new job, I’m in charge of dinner and homework, kids now with a baby sitter, etc.  Lots of change and transition.  I must say that I’ve done a WONDERFUL (sarcasm) of stuffing it all into my mouth.

I’m here to say however, that things are on the up turn.  The knee has been pronounced structurally sound, just arthritic, and has been shot up with hydrocortisone (Jess, did I spell that right?), and is feeling better daily.  I’m back on the treadmill for my full 45 minutes, and I’m as encouraged as I’ve been in a while.

So here’s the week by week story for the last month.  I didn’t always hit my Thurs. weigh-in, but did hit the gym off and on, so here goes.

 Week #30 – no gym, no weigh in.

Week #31 – no gym, no weigh in.

Week #32 – hit the gym twice before the knee issue began, I was up 5.8 lbs. from my week #29 weigh in, reducing my total loss to 25.4 lbs.

Week #33 – Still on the “weigh” up from week #29 (6.4 lbs.), but hit the gym three times this week, so here’s where we stand today:

weight loss this week – 5.4 lbs.

Total loss – 30.2 lbs.

Still 1 pound higher than week #29, but heading in the right direction.

The Dr. wants me to lose 15 lbs. by New Years just prior to my next check up on my knee.  It’s a fairly modest goal, but should be achievable, considering I’ve lost more that 5 lbs. of it since my appt.

Thanks for all of your encouragement!!!



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3 responses to “Weeks #30, #31, #32, & #33 Weigh-In

  1. beth

    Way to go Doug!! I’m glad to hear/read you are back on track and doing well. Also, good news about the knee. Hang in there and keep up the awesome work.

  2. Way to stick with it!

  3. twolimeleaves

    Great job, Doug!! Keep going…

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