How do you make decisions?

Chris Bell gave a fabulous message yesterday at The Orchard.  I’m not going to do it justice here, but he said that we should ask ourselves two questions prior to every decision that we make.

It comes from the standpoint that often times we’ve heard that The Bible holds all of lifes answers, but unfortunately, I still haven’t found the passage that tells me whether I should trade our Expedition, or keep it and pay for the repairs it needs.

The two questions are these:

1.  Does the bible say anything about this?

2.  Does it further the Kingdom of God?

Hmmmmm.  The bible doesn’t say anything specific about my truck, but there’s a lot in there about being a good steward of what I’ve been given.  And honestly, I’m still not sure how it applies to my truck and the repairs it needs.  I really haven’t given it much thought or prayer either.  I just picked my truck as an example.

 How do you make decisions?  What sort of “process” do you go through?


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One response to “How do you make decisions?

  1. Brenda

    Rock, paper, scissors? Actually, I pray about the major ones, although I know I should include the smaller ones too. However, I have always been envious of people who say they can discern God’s will for their life. I just don’t always know what He wants me to do. I guess I need flashing lights and a slap upside the head. Come to think of it… I have been slapped a few times, but it has always been after the fact.

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