Give me your thoughts

It’s been a week now since I was diagnosed with arthritis and fluid on my right knee.  The knee is feeling much better, due to either the meds I’m on, my family and friends prayers, my hopefully improved “outlook” towards said injury, or the fact that I haven’t exercised in over a week.

I have been taking it easy per the Dr’s advice, but am really itching to do something.  My plan is to try hit the treadmill on monday, for a shorter time perhaps, to see how it feels.  I’m also going to alternate between the bike and doing some light upper body stuff, hopefully without hurting my gut (3 hernias in the last 4 years).

My question for ya’ll is this.  Since I’ve sort of fallen off of the wagon these last few weeks, should I restart back at week #1, or should I just keep the total running?

Part of me likes the thought of another fresh start, but another part of me, wants to maintain the longterm lifestyle change.

Please feel free to “weigh-in”.  :^)



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7 responses to “Give me your thoughts

  1. As far as how to keep score, my advice is to do whatever you need to do to keep motivated.

    Can you swim? It seems like you need to find some way to exercise without stressing your legs.

    The arthritis will never go away and will be a problem until you are old enough to have the knee replaced. You’re going to have to learn how to deal with it and find ways to exercise in spite of it from now on. Might as well start now.

  2. Beth

    As far as exercise, have you talked with your doc. about what exercises you can do…and if you should be doing them yet? I had to get rid of my bike because it is really rough on the knee. Even with my scope to help my arthritis I was told I would probably never ride again without alot of swelling and pain. But I still try!!

    You may want to get the doc. to send you to a physical therapist that can help you strengthen the muscles leading to the knee to help. I was going to mine alot, now I go about 1 a month to just check in and make sure I am on the right track and not doing more damage.

    As far as counting your weeks…there are 2 different thoughts. One, you have made progress since you started so don’t discount that weightloss. On the other hand, you want a fresh start. Just think of this as game two in the playoffs. New game, but keep your record.

    Hang in there…Beth

  3. twolimeleaves

    Doug, I haven’t been here long enough to know the answer to this question – have you tried exercising in water? I know the feeling about swimming, but, if you can overcome the reluctance, movement in a pool is far less stressful on our bodies than it is on land. I have done aqua aerobics quite often over the years and it’s great! Never had an injury.

  4. I agree with Beth about either asking the doc about a physical therapist, your chiropractor, or one of the trainers there. Maybe you can invite Kevin R. out as a guest and have him consult with you. I know our friend Lisa found a machine that is like the bike but it doesn’t mess with her hip. You can take a swim in the off peak when you might not be so self conscious. And we can both be hyper diligent with our food. Remember all the weight you lost before without even exercising? Make conscious choices. Keep your brain engaged. Easy for me to say when I’m not the one listening to 300 kids holding band instruments! 🙂

    And you have had such great results–don’t discount that. What I am doing is setting 10 lb goals so although I am starting with my “new” weight from the last goal hit, I am still going to remember how much I weighed from the start and how far I’ve come.

  5. lizzie

    you should try swimming, it is the best excorsize with the least strain on your body!

  6. Dude, try the elliptical @ the gym, great workout, not a lot of impact. Keep it up, don’t start over, its like a roller-coaster ride, you have ups and downs. You’re doing good, on the right track. Keep it up…

  7. Beth

    Hey – how is that knee doing? Did you work it? What did the doc. say?

    Inquiring minds want to know….

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