It’s time for a change…….

Alright blog readers. I’m in need of a change. The type of change I’m talking about will change my life, the way people look at me, the way people think about me, the way that people judge me for the first time.

I value each and every one of you, so please give me your honest and open input, even you lurkers (mom & Jay).

I need a new beard/hair configuration.


I’ve had this present look for my entire marriage (11 1/2 years), and my upper lip has been covered since 1987. I grew the mustache as a bet with my best friend Dan and fellow Huskie Band tubaist Andy. I lost the bet. They both have a “chia-face” and can grow a beard over-night, but I win the award for longevity.

Here are the options as I see them…..

– Leave it the way it is.

– Completely clean shaven (pretty nervous about this one. I have a picture from my freshman year in college stuck in my head)

– Just leave the mustache (nope – too porny)

– Full beard (nope – can’t grow one)

– Just leave the bottom lip (soul-patch)


– Just leave the chin – (the scott hodge look)


– Leave the chin & add time (the crowder).


I would also be interested in a new “hair style” other than my conservative band geek look. Los told me a couple of months ago that I should just shave it. I’m not sure it would be a good look for me, since my my dome looks like it has been combed by a garden rake. It also seems like quite a bit more effort to shave it every couple of days, versus the quick shampoo that it currently needs. Any thoughts from you bald guys?

I did the mullet thing in the late 80s. I thought I had better friends than that, but they let me do it anyway.

If any of you are photo shop geeks, feel free to photo shop my above picture to the above descriptions, and I’ll post them in a later blog for a “test” run prior to the change.

I’m serious about this. Check in and let me know what you think.



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24 responses to “It’s time for a change…….

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  2. Dear God,
    please not the crowder, please not the crowder, please not the crowder, please not the crowder…

  3. i am a fan of the soul patch or the ‘Dr Gregg House’ 5 o’clock shadow! i tend to sport both depending on the mood i’m in that week. (just not at the same time:)
    hair is never a good question to ask my opinion on, as i get mine cut once every 6-8 months whether i need it or not, and it’s never in style…..just remember, your better judgement—- MULLETS ARE NEVER COOL….EVER!!!! don’t be that guy whose kids sheepshily point at and state… that’s my dad! lol
    also remember, your character speaks volumes and can overshadow your appearance. and man have you got character!!! i’ve never once thought, you know what? Doug needs a make over.
    God made you perfectly for who you are!

  4. Angela

    My dear friend from WAY BACK WHEN!!! As I ponder the question you have put forth I will step “up to the plate” and give you my whole two cents worth…

    God created you “Just right” and to that end…I think you should “go for it”!!! I mean really dear…we are 40 or close, aren’t we, haven’t we “earned” the mid-life “crisis” title? Go back! Go back!! Go back to where you once belonged!!! Go back! Try it Doug! Try clean shaven…one more time buddy…it HAIR for heaven’s sake…it will grow back…and if it doesn’t, it wasn’t meant to…

    Not that MY opinion matters much…but I STILL have pics from when you were in 8th grade clear up until we graduated high school…so there! I say…go for it! Now is the time! I “did it” myself…a couple months ago I actually had my stylist do the best she could to actually replicate my God given hair color…(harder than you would think because only God knows what that actually is after the last 15 years or so….) I’m happier than ever…except for the pesky grays that seem to “pop” up sooner and sooner before my “scheduled” coloring…but I digress…

    Glad you are doing well…do what makes you feel young at heart honey…and I send you nothing but prayers, good wishes and blessed promises for your and your family!!

    Your friend from good ol’ Hamilton High,

    Angela L. (Short) French

  5. Ok,
    Here’s my thoughts: ditch the facial hair, it can always grow back. Yes, its a bit radical, but it’s not like losing a limb. Another consideration, if it’s a “new” look you’re after, then don’t forget about the glasses. They’re probably the biggest feature on many people’s face. That can really change things alot.
    Then, of course, there’s hair coloring, and last but not least, there’s the name alias to completely change your persona.
    It really comes down to maintenance. At one end, you’ve got Charelton Heston in the “Ten Commandents,” at the other, Elton John. Enjoy the ride. You’re the same guy no matter what.

    Doc (Melonhead)

  6. Ian

    Think twice about the bald thing. You have to have the head for it. Just remember the wise advise from everyone’s favorite Scottish dad: “Heed! Move that big melon of yours! That boy’s head is like Sputnik – round and pointy in places”.

  7. Susan Russell

    As someone who had been with you from those college days, your throw back to the 90’s wouldn’t be so bad…I agree, it’s hair, it grows back. After saying that, I’m not sure I could do the “permed, big hair thing again”.

    As a wife, I have to ask, “What does Joni want?”

    Rob prefers my hair long, even though I’ve tried it a bunch of different, low maintenance ways. For him, I prefer the short, marine-recruit look (it goes well with the police uniform). So in the interest of long, happy marriages, remember…. the wife’s vote trumps them all.

  8. Katie Love

    Okay, in the spirit of school testing techniques to a fellow teacher, let’s begin with the process of elimination, shall we?
    No Crowder
    No Baldies
    No Porn Mustache
    No Full Beard
    Perhaps begin with a clean shaven face and see what grows in? The “soul patch” intrigues me though…

  9. joe rieger

    as i read your question, my first response is one that reflects my greatest character defect, sarcasim.
    as a line from a tim mcgraw song goes”im down to my last dollar and walked right thru my shoes, just a small reminder of the hell that ive been thru.” i really dont care what your hair looks like.
    now that i got that out, i need to make an ammends to you.
    my second response is one that reflects a second character defect, envy. “i wish that dilema was on my priority list” see now i have to make another ammends.
    now i will be serious. sometimes in life you need to change what ever you want to, however you want to that will increase your confidence level and make you feel content in your own skin. its good you ask for input, but the ultimate decision is yours. sorry sis. what will make you feel the most comfortable. not that feelings are the drive train behind your life, but do what you need to to go to the next step
    good luck

  10. Pam

    Hair grows back. Shave the face, not the top. David Crowder. David Crowder shouldn’t really look like David Crowder. But it makes his music that much more fun.
    Anyway – Get a short haircut and buy some gel. Hair color is for girls. Don’t go there.

  11. tam

    soul patch! i agree with above, get some gel. Do the “messy” thing with the mop. maybe even die the tips a lighter color – easy to do!

  12. Chris

    I have to agree with Pam… Color is for girls, and G.Q. Foo Foo metrosexual boys… Stay away from it… Keep in mind, personally, I think that when you have more length to your hair, its has more of a slimming effect to your face…. Coming from the same parents, we both share the same facial hair growing gene’s and I’, always battling the same as you… I’d like to change up my facial hair combination as well, but if I dont like it, well, I dont want to go 6 months with the dirty face look until it starts filling out again… So I chicken out….. I honestly dont see any of the styles you put out there for choices as really being “you”. The last time I saw you with just the mustache was at your wedding… I didnt think it looked porny at all…. I guess in conclusion, due what feels right for YOU. Just remember the mullet….. Dont go there…. I can just see your kids running around the house yelling and laughing that “Joe Dirt” is our dad… Maybe you could go in a completely different direction…. Try the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” look….. Then we can all say we know “Doug the Bounty Hunter” OK, I guess I’ve put my 2 cents worth in…… All this coming from a guy who spends less than 10 mins at the barber shop…. Obviously, my opinions should be stricken from the record… Good luck and happy snipping

  13. Sue – I hold you personally responsible for my mullet in college. Looking back, I can’t imagine you didn’t talk me out of it. In fact, I think you’re the one who permed it for me. After 20 years, I’ve forgiven you however.

    Ian – I’m fairly certain I don’t have the dome for the bald look, but it is an option. I love that movie by the way.

    Joe – sarcasm is always welcome here, ammends or not. It’s odd that someone envy or be jealous of me, so that’s welcome here as well.

    No hair color or dyes – it’s just too much work to maintain.

    Gel & messy – intriguing

    New glasses to go with the look – also intriguing, but will have to sell Joni on that.

    Joe Dirt is my dad – NOW THAT’S FUNNY!!!

    This change really has nothing to do with the way people look at me, I’m just ready for a change and am curious as to what others would think.

    Keep ’em comin’!!

  14. Brenda

    Crowder is for wimps. We lived through the 80’s. ZZ Top…. now we’re talking. Okay, maybe not. The Dorothy Hamill cut? I did that in the 70’s. You’re probably not needing a cute hairstyle while doing triple axels. I like the soul patch along with the messy, gel thing. But not too much gel, otherwise it looks like you haven’t showered in weeks. And some hip, funky glasses.

  15. I’m all for the glasses but we’ll have to check with insurance and wait until we’ve got $$ again in the FSA. Already gone in 6 six months. Lasted longer than last year! These are actually newer, hipper glasses than the previous ones. I’m agreeing about nixing the hair color too. I’ve never known Doug without a mustache although I’ve seen photos. I’m open to most anything except the bald head. Seen it. I’m the one that forced it sort of. Long story. I couldn’t change his mind on the bucket hat 🙂 so I don’t carry as much influence as you think.

  16. The soul patch, please.
    Secondly, long, narrow, pointed sideburns–I don’t know if they are out-of-style or overdone, but again, it would just be something different and very visible. I don’t get the feeling that you’re in a subtle mood.
    I really have no feelings about the hair, unless you wanted to buzz it but leave a thin strip connecting your two sideburns, kinda as if you had headphones on.
    Or buzzed but leave a 3 patch on the back of your cranium to represent your kids.

  17. thesecretstaffer

    soul patch! lose the ‘stache!

  18. Allow me to take a stand for the most under rated of facial hair configurations – the chin strap. Thousands of Amish can’t be wrong!! And they are stubbornly waiting for it to come back in style.

    All right, if you won’t do that (or mutton chop sideburns)… my vote is for the flattop, longer burns, and the soul patch. ‘Cause that’s just how I roll.

    Can you get one of those magnetic boards with a face on it – where you move the little metal pieces with magnet and create different facial looks?

  19. madaline

    i’ve sent a little photoshopped magic your way — check your email — i think it’s the answer you’ve been looking for ; )

  20. madaline

    …oh, and if all else fails? … cornrows.

  21. Michele Gustin

    Ok, I worry about the shaving the head thing for you and for me and the confused peple at OVCC. I have been asked no less than 5 times this summer if my husband is the one who plays the keyboards. If you were to shave your head, it would be one more way that you look like Ron and there would be even more confusion.
    Seriously though, shaving it really isn’t all that work and you can always get Joni to help. or the kids and make it a family art project.
    Sorry, not much help but I had fun.

  22. I think you should only leave the beard..

    Get rid of the mustache and grow some hair on your cheeks!

    Grts, Tom

  23. Actually the only reason i reply is because you have the same name as me! (Ruhs)

    Im from the Netherlands, the little country on the left of germany!

    Grtz, Tom

  24. Dave

    Soul patch, seriously. Trust me on this one. Ear length sideburns, also, no longer.

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