Prayer is the only medicine

The orphanage in El Salvador sponsors a program called OASIS.  3 times each week, they take a few of the older kids, one or two of the orphanage staff, and go into the local village with food for the kids there.  For many of these local kids, this is the only food they’ll receive for the week.
The home has built a shelter where all of the local kids and a few moms, grandmothers, aunts, and older sisters (no men…….hmmmm) gather for a bible lesson, some singing and worship, and then at the end, the food is passed out until it’s all gone.

On the Thursday trip to OASIS, just as the eating was finished, a “mom” came up with 2 girls, probably between 8 and 11 years old, and told us (in Spanish) that one of the girls had problems in her ears, and the other girl had problems in her throat and lungs, and would we pray for them.

We all circled around them, and laid hands on them while Beatriz, one of the house moms prayed for them.  I couldn’t understand her, but completely understood what she was saying through the Spirit of her prayer.  As we were all sort of praying at the same time, God impressed on me that these girls would get no medicine.  There was no “walk-in care” for them to go to (I’ve been twice in the last 3 days).  Our prayer was the only medicine that they would receive.

Folks, we take for granted what we have.  We complain about what we have.  As I’m sitting in walk-in care, there’s a lady complaining about waiting for 90 minutes and still not seen the Dr.

I have two thoughts.  It’s a medical clinic.  I want them to take their time and do it right.  The second thought was of those two little girls, who CAN’T wait for the Dr.  It’s not an option.

I beg of you, PLEASE do not take for granted what you have.  If you live in America, you are blessed, perhaps over blessed.  In my current state of “fitness”, I am a living symbol of American excess.

I am making it my goal to be more positive, less complaining and not take for granted what I have.  I have complained to you in this blog on more than one occasion about my financial woes.  Here are just a few things that I could “give up” if I were really serious about it.

–  sell our investment property

–  go back to dial-up internet

–  shut off my satelite dish

–  eat “out” as a treat, instead of convenience

Truth be told, just eliminating these 4 things is close to $600 worth of expense each month.

No more complaining.

By the way, the men in the families that I spoke of earlier, are either working ($2-$3 per day), in jail, or dead.


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  1. Whew… Now that is perspective.

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