Thoughts on El Salvador

Quite honestly, I’m not sure where to begin.  God is really working on me through this experience, so I think I’ll hit the highlights, and then as God reveals more in the coming weeks, I’ll blog about it then.

–  God kept me safe.  No hernia issues, no sickness, and in one case, he gave me superhuman strength, or at least supported me with a dozen or so of his angels.  There’s no physical way I could lift the 3″x 3′ x 7′ piece of solid concrete wall above my head AND step across a 4′ wide ditch with the help of only 1 other person.  It happened.  I don’t know why.

–  God specifically chose my team person by person.  I only knew a couple of them, and then as acquaintances at best.  The rest I had never met.  It was the funniest group of people that I’ve ever spent time with.  I would run through fire for them if they would ask.

–  I was told that missions work is pretty selfish.  You go with the intention of helping others, and they end up giving you more than could ever imagine.  It’s true.

–  Knowing that there are places where children live with dirt floors, cardboard and tin walls and roofs and no running water, and actually experiencing it are totally different things.  I could tell you about it, but you wouldn’t truly understand until you experience it.

–  Experiencing those same children eating a dinner roll or two on Tues., and then knowing that they won’t eat again until Thurs. when we come back with spaghetti and tortillas is heart breaking.

–  The Holy Spirit is present and powerful, even in Spanish.  I had the goosebumps to prove it.

–  Brother Maceo reads his bible  A LOT!!!!  He also knows his bible and what God has to say.  I’m in awe……

–  There hasn’t been a plastic patio chair that can hold me yet……

–  I don’t need to travel 3000 miles to feed and work for the underprivileged.  They’re just a short drive from here.  I’ll bet if you looked, you could find someone to help too.

That’s it in a nutshell.  God is still working in me and won’t be done for quite a while.  Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers while I was gone.  We definately felt them.



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2 responses to “Thoughts on El Salvador

  1. Brenda

    Sounds like you had an amazing experience. God is good! I’m anxious to hear how God is working in you through this trip. (I could always use some inspiration.)

  2. tom

    Very cool stuff.

    It’s great to read the stories. Reminds us that two seemingly contradictory facts can be true:
    1) We’re not as important as we think we are.
    2) Every person on earth is precious to God.

    Don’t expect to ever really process it. It just becomes a part of you.

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