What’s new……..

It’s been a while so I’ll try and be brief…..

I’m leaving on a missions trip to El Salvador this saturday with 10 folks from The Orchard.  Pray that God will move in a big (and safe) way.  I’ll post more when I get back.

I haven’t been to the gym in a couple of weeks.  No real excuses, just the lack of routine that I was afraid of last spring.  I’ll keep you posted the next time I go and weigh in.  No matter how much I’ve gained, I will post it here and over at Fatbloggers.

I’ve been sick each of the last 2 weeks, which has kept me from working my new part-time job that I picked up.  2 different illness, with similar symptoms.

Our finances are really in the dumper.  I’ve picked up a p/t gig, and it seems that Joni is over qualified for anything that she applies for.  The balance on the credit cards is rising.  Please pray that God will provide.  I know he will, but patience is not my stong point.

I am also VERY thankful for my wife, our marriage and our family.  It seems that God has placed 4 different couples in our lives over the last 6 months that are separated, divorcing, or talking about it.  I hope that this means that God has a special blessing on our marriage, and that he wants to work through us in these other relationships, even if it’s only through prayer at this point.  I’m quite certain, he wants me to be thankful for what I have.

I’m sick, fat, and broke.  Thank You Lord for all of the rest!



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4 responses to “What’s new……..

  1. tom

    Sounds like a great time to go to the third world. I think you’ll find that despite the fact that we may not be living as we would like, there are still worse things in the world than sick, fat, and broke.

    Be well.
    Be safe.
    Be a blessing.
    Be amazed.
    Be more aware.
    Be blown away at how big God is.
    Be thankful.

    And be on that plane when it comes back home.

  2. Beth

    Have an amazing blessed time on your trip. I’m glad you are going to make it. And you will probably lose some weight with all the work there! BONUS!!

    You listed at the bottom what you think you are…you forgot loved. Take care my old dear friend and come home safe and sound to your wonderful family. You may not have cash, but you are so rich in so many ways! I saw alot of love in that home of yours…there is no pricetag on that!!

  3. Hi Doug,
    This does not happen very often at all, but last night I had a dream about you that is so vivid that it has stayed with me during the day. I think it was prompted by your comment “I’m sick, fat, and broke.” which made quite an impression on me.

    The first part of the dream was you deciding to walk and drink water. Walk. Walk – every excuse you can. If you go out somewhere as a family, get Joni to drop you off half a mile from the end – you walk the rest and meet them there. The kids will make a game out of it. If you drive/bus to town/work, park the car/get off the bus 1/2 a mile away, and walk the rest. At work, take the stairs, walk the long way from A to B. Make it a daily habit to walk as much as you can. Everyone will support you in this. Along with this, learn to drink water. Lots of water. Carry a water bottle with you all the time. The bad news is to lose weight, you will have to live with feelings of hunger. When you do feel hungry, drink water. Not a good as a hamburger – we all agree! In the dream, you did this and you lost 1/3 of your current weight in 6 months. As a result, your general health improved (duh). For your finances, I dreamt that there are currently 80 jobs out there that you could apply for and get. You need to do the hard yards and go out and find them. Get your CV up to date. Ask a few professional friends in your church to read it and scribble red comments all over it. Get your CV and cover letters as good as you can, then get applying! Not one vacancy here or there. You may need to apply for all 80, but there IS a spot out there for you – you’re bit is to hunt it down and get it!

  4. tom

    So are you just gonna leave us hanging? How was it? I’m afraid you may have been kidnapped by insurgents, revolutionaries, or the Frito Bandito.

    I am demanding proof of life!

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