Week #20 Weigh-In

Loss the last 2 weeks – + 3 lbs. :^(

Total loss – 26.6 lbs.

Could be worse…..

Back in the saddle.



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3 responses to “Week #20 Weigh-In

  1. **hugs** it’s frustrating but it’s just one week – dust off and back on track! I used to freak out over weeks that were up – I’m getting better about it. Sometimes I give my self permission to have 10 minute rant or pity party. But then I move on.

    Health and Happiness, Lady Rose

  2. Brenda

    Could be better… Over the last 6 weeks you’ve had a net gain of 3.6 pounds so I’m concerned that you’ve lost motivation. How can we help?

    Have you tried keeping a food journal to keep track of everything you’re eating? It might be helpful for you to look at that and see the big picture of what you’re really consuming, quanity and quality-wise. Not even necessarily counting calories, but just tracking what you’re eating. It could be the eye-opener you need. Maybe post it daily here to hold yourself accountable.

    Do you have an eating plan or are you approaching that willy nilly? (By plan I mean, have you made decisions beforehand regarding how you’ll deal with meals and snacking and then sticking to it?) Have you gotten rid of the foods that sabotage that plan? Chips, pop, sweets, whatever that may be for you. Are you viewing working out as an excuse to eat more?

    It’s time to get serious again and make good choices. Let’s see 6 good weeks.

  3. Pam Wheeler

    I spent 7 years of my life counseling and leading people in weight loss with Weight Watchers – which is still by far the best weight loss plan around.

    I used to tell my members this when they had a weight gain and wanted to quit: Do you have a set of china or good dishes? That answer was usually “yes”. I then would ask if they have ever broken a piece. Again – “yes”, but then asked them if they broke the whole set after having broken one piece. Then they looked at me like I was on drugs. Of course they wouldn’t break the whole set if just one piece was broken. They would repair it or replace it.

    Stay with me…. This gain was just one week. It took more than one week to put the weight on and it will take more than one week a lot of “wanting” to take it off. It is not worth spending too much time in grieving over a bad week when you’ve got so many good weeks behind you and so many ahead.

    A helpful website: sparkpeople.com. It’s a lot like weight watchers without the $10 a week and without the face to face accountability. You can form a team and have a lot of fun with it. There are so many tools to redirect when you need it and motivate when you need it.

    You have done well Doug. Keep up the good work. A week with a gain is like a broken plate. Doesn’t make you happy, but in the big picture, you can fix it and move on. Chin up friend!

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