Week #16 weigh-in

Gained 2.4 lbs.

Total lost 27.8 lbs.

Forgive me bloggers for I have binged.  I took almost 2 weeks off from working out, and really didn’t think twice about what I stuffed in my head.

I’ve really been in a tail spin ever since I was challenged at my “appt.” a couple of weeks ago to count calories.  I’ve always despised even the thought of counting calories.

I’m currently unmotivated and couldn’t care less if I ever set foot on a treadmill ever again (I have walked 3 days this week so far).

 Thoughts or encouragements?……..



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4 responses to “Week #16 weigh-in

  1. Keep it up man. You have lost almost 30 pounds!!!Pretty d@*m$ good. I’m not sure I could count calories either….that’s way too much math!!! What is your target weight loss? How much more do you have to lose? What is your goal? Divide it up into weekly goals. Have more sex! That burns tons of calories…..

  2. That could have been a lot larger gain. Really. Maybe you need to put up your sign again to restart the motivation?

    You WILL be successful. You are succeeding already. We’re not going backwards. A lot of this battle is in the realm you’re not comfortable with–and that is putting tedious effort into long-term goals. Fighting the weight is something you(and I) need to practice doing. We’re not geniuses at it so we’ll have to keep practicing. And I know you hate to practice because you are so good at so many things that you generally don’t have to. So, let’s buck up and get it done.

  3. Beth

    Doug you have done so well and this is just a little setback. If you remember the last time I saw you and Joni I was very heavy. I put the weight on very quickly through my divorce, but lost all 130 lbs. within 6 months. (and kept it off for 6 yrs). After having 2 kids in 18 months, I have gained some weight back. I have been struggling to get it off. Not only am I older, but the weight went on slowly, gradually.

    My point? Fast on, fast off – slow gain, slow loss. Hang in there. It is ok to “fall off the wagon” once in a while, as long as you get back on.

    I’m with you on the calorie counting – it’s a pain and complicated. And I’m a math lover! Find what works for you. You can do this! Don’t get discouraged. Listen to your brilliant wife about how many things come easy for you and this doesn’t. Don’t shy away from a struggle! You have done so well, took a break, now get back to work!!

  4. Brenda

    It will only be a failure if you give up now. Get back on track and continue on. Figure out why you’re so upset about counting calories. Sounds like there’s more to it than just the hassle. By the way, what happened to all of the devotionals, scriptures, prayers you used to post?

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