I’m having flashbacks……

As stated in my previous post, I went to a concert on Wed. night.  3000+  folks screaming and singing along in the audience.  It was worship and it was awesome, but it also had to be a rush to be on stage leading it all.

On Sat. of this week, I’m playing keys at a graduation party with the guys (and 1 girl – Jess is rockin’ on bass!!)  in our band from church.  We’re playing everything from Daughtry to REO Speedwagon to Evanescence to Van Halen to Creed to Nickelback to Loverboy.  It’s going to be a real hoot.

I’m flashing back to my bar band days, when we had the dream of making it big and being rock stars.  The problem was that we didn’t really have any original music. 

I think we were pretty good, and at our busiest, we maybe played 40 – 50 gigs a year.  Turns out, we were about 20 years ahead of our time.  Now, we would be a smokin’ retro band.

I really miss those guys.  We spent so much time together, and knew each other so well.  We can still hook up and it’s like we’ve never been apart.  Conversations just happen as we catch up, remember the “good ole days”, laugh at the “good ole days”, and always talk about a reunion gig of some sort.  I’m fairly certain it will never happen, but it’s fun to think about.

Here’s what the guys are doin’ last I checked……

Drums – Mike Newmark – Took over his dad’s business and is doing really well.  Married one of our groupies (sorry Diane)  :^)  and has 4 kids.

Keys – Mike Blaisedel – A manager at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Rockford.  Married with 2 kids.  Mike is also playing with a couple of local Rockford area bands – US Radio & Budakhan (sp?).

Bass – Doug Iha – Living in Bloomington, IL and working for a Christian record label down there.  Married with 3 kids.  Doug still lays down the most energetic bass on the planet with his church.

Guitar – Chris Pawola – Married & still living in Sycamore.  He owns & runs his own recording studio, and is his church music director.

Trumpet – Brian Wis – Married with 1 daughter and is teaching MS & HS band in St. Charles, IL.

Sax – Ian Nevins – Married with 2 kids, and is teaching MS band in Glendale Heights, IL.  He also continues to be one of the top call sax players in Chicago.

Trombone – Me – Married with 2 kids and going through a mid-life crisis.  Teaching elem. band in arguably one of the top 5 districts for music education in the country.

Vocals – Tony & Kathy – I honestly don’t know what’s going on with them.  I bumped into Tony on Michigan Ave. a couple of summers ago, and like an idiot didn’t get his phone number.  At the time he was tutoring “at risk” kids and running his own lawn maintenance business.

Maybe I can get everyone together and play our block party this summer or something.

Deep down…… I still want to be a rock star.



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5 responses to “Flashbacks……..

  1. This is when you pitch VH1 to do a reality show on reuniting college bands. We’ll get all your friends to reach out to their old bands. Now THAT’s good tv.

  2. Beth

    I’ll write a letter to VHI for you! Great idea Joni. I remember being a groupie a few times for your band with my friend Laura. I think she went out with one of those guys.

  3. It’s funny how you bring this up now. There was a guy who played bass at Ginger Creek about a month ago who happened to have roomed with Mike Scheffer when all of you guys were at NIU. He wasn’t a music guy like all of you guys but he is a heck of an intuitive bass player. Unfortunately, I can’t remember his name. I want to say Gordon??? But he mentioned Ninth Street and he also seemed to know, or know of, Doug Iha. How funny is that???

  4. The creepy NIU connection lives on.

  5. It’s not creepy…. She’s just jealous

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