Hillsong United

Last night we went to the Hillsongs United Concert up at Life Changers Church in Hoffman Estates.


We’ve done quite a few of their songs atThe Orchard, so it was great to hear them performed live.

 I was a little disappointed with the mix initially.  It wasn’t too loud, but you felt it.  It just seemed a bit muddy, especially between the keys and bass.  I was wondering if the keyboard player was doubling the bass notes with his left hand.  We keyboardists love to make the subs shake whenever we can, but it really screws with the house.  The second set was much better.

The drum mix was NAILS, and brother could play.  He laid it down all night.  Bass drum was punchy, fat, and not at all muddy.  Toms parted your hair, and the cymbals were clean.

I also wanted more vocals, but I couldn’t determine if it was a mix issue, or the fact that the 3000+ people there were covering them up.  Very cool.

Oh yeah……

Despite it all, God was in the house too.  PRESENT!!!



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2 responses to “Hillsong United

  1. Brenda

    I find it hysterical that you commented on the sound qualities and mixes instead of the concert in general. My husband “does” sound at our church and he’s the exact same way. “Brass could have been louder” (duh!), “drums were muddy”, etc… Too funny!

  2. That’s me, too… Wish I could have been there.

    I’m going to see Toto at House of Blues in July. Second time in a year.

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