Prayer request

Hey fellow bloggers.  It’s time that we throw down an assault on the Evil One.

 A very good friend of mine informed me a couple of weeks ago, that her husband has moved out.  Lots of icky details that need not be shared here, but needless to say, the family has been turned on its ear.

 Please join me in praying for them and him.  Pray that he recognizes the error of his ways, and re-engages with God and his family.

I met this wonderful man of God about 11 or 12 years ago now I guess, and I could never have fathomed that Satan would be able to drag him so far away from God.

Father, you know what he needs.  I pray that in Your Son’s name that you break the chains that are binding my friend, and draw him back to you.  Strengthen the family and surround them with Your loving arms, and a hedge of Your heavenly hosts.  Provide for them in every way, and make it obvious Father.  Show the rest of us how to help.

 In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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  1. Doug,
    I would be careful not to over-spiritualise your friends problem too much. There are probably some reasonably simple reasons why he has walked out that may not have too much to do with the devil at all. May I suggest that he is probably feeling very isolated at the moment, knowing that he has marginalised himself from Christian friends. If you can, one thing you can do is go out for dinner or a beer or a walk with him at least once a week and just let him talk. He will spout all kinds of the most irrational nonsense you can shake a stick at and you will patiently listen, and not offer any advice, no bible verses, no nothing, you will simply seek to understand his pain. Perhaps – just perhaps – if/when he feels the ground is safe enough he may eventually confide in you the “real” reason he has left. Most Christians never get to hear this because they don’t know how to listen.
    His marriage is far from over, and in many cases a move out for a while is the best thing that can happen just to get some breathing space and some new perspective. What he needs from you is an open, non-judgemental, listening ear. He doesn’t even know himself all the reasons why he has done what he has done, and by blabbering it all out to you in his own time and his own way will help him to slowly see more clearly. He needs to know from you that you are still his friend, and that although you don’t like what he has done you are on his side. He doesn’t need you or anyone else to tell him how bad he is, believe me he will already be beating himself up more than enough. For many people when they screw up like this, the rest of the church pulls away from them and they are suddenly left feeling very very alone. Now there’s an easy target for the devil! My gut feeling is that right now his single biggest need is the need to feel understood.

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