Week #13 weigh-in

Loss this week – 5 lbs.

Total Loss – 30.2 lbs.

 …….. and I did nothing different than last week…….



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5 responses to “Week #13 weigh-in

  1. Brenda


  2. southernfriedfatty

    Good for you!! One thing I have learned from years of dieting is if you do everything right for a week and you don’t lose any weight don’t give up. Stick it out for one more week and your efforts will catch up with you. There is a two week lag time I think.

  3. That’s not true that you didn’t do anything different… you helped with Orchard Arts scheduling. That’ll take it outta you right there man! You’re doing great brutha (on both accounts)!

  4. Plateaus are real and unavoidable. You’re doing a great job — keep it up!

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