Week #10 weigh-in

Lost this week – 1 lb.

Total Lost – 25.2 lbs



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4 responses to “Week #10 weigh-in

  1. **shakes pom poms** congrats! 🙂 you’re doing great. Lady Rose

  2. tom

    Way to go! I’m on the journey, too. I’ve been on a weight roller-coaster lately. Trying to add regular excercise to the diet thing. Now that it’s warmer – it’s a little easier. (little)

    How do you feel at 25 pounds lighter? Do you feel better?

  3. One more pound lighter, bro, I’m on the journey, too… A year ago I weighed over 220 and the other day I stepped on the scale and was under 200 for the first time in a year. I’ve been wallowing at 205-ish since last August so this is something of a breakthrough.
    25 pounds lighter has to feel great. Have you had to buy some new clothes yet?

  4. 25 lbs in 10 weeks? you’re right on a healthy average!! awesome!

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