I went to a conference…..

….. yesterday at Granger Community Church in Granger Indiana, and attended 4 different sessions on maximizing the arts in church. I thought that this would be a good opportunity to share some of the things that I observed and heard while I was there.

– There was a very cool vibe. Volunteers were super friendly and helpful. Staff was very informative, approachable, and eager to answer my questions.

– I loved the fact that they spent an entire session discussing lessons learned from mistakes that they had made, both personally and corporately.

– There was a lot of confirmation, for me personally, in the fact that I have had excellent production training from my previous experience at Ginger Creek Community Church, and that Mike and I are on the same page as we move forward at The Orchard.

– Baptism videos still make me cry.

– I need more gear……. need might be a bit exaggerated.

– There were lots of bald man with patches of facial hair in attendance. I would love to be bald, but my dome looks like I’ve previously been attacked with a garden rake. Not a good look. OK, I’ve never used the word dome until I started reading Los’ blog.

– Had a great time on the ride to and from with the folks from The Orchard, although as I drifted in and out of thought, I heard a partial statement that went something like “would you reach under my seat and feel around for my ……”. It’s best not to listen to statements like that out of context.

– My friends now know (after ignoring my warning at 5 am) that I should not be placed in the position of navigator. I’m blind (can’t see road signs all that well), I talk too much (often miss road signs), and haven’t overcome my ability to look directly into the sun and read road signs at the same time.

– Lunch was served buffet style, and was not one of those pre-packaged box lunches delivered in a semi. It was actually hot, and tasted great!!!

The most important thing….. God has me in a church that loves and hurts for those that don’t know Christ, and that we are going to do everything in our power to bring Him to he city of Aurora, and around the world.



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3 responses to “I went to a conference…..

  1. Thanks a lot Los. You’re no help!

    Well maybe for El Salvador you could shave it Doug. Wear lots of sunscreen.

  2. That’s cool, Doug. It’s always fun to go to creative church things and network with other people. Do you play in your worship band?

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