Attributes of a career……

So enough moping and complaining from me.  I need to take “action” towards a new end.  I think I blogged about this from a spiritual perspective a week or so ago, but now it’s time to look at it through a different lens.

I’ve been in kind of a “funk” for the last couple of weeks, and last night at my “appt.”, we tried to figure out when I wasn’t all “funked” up.  The obvious time that jumped to mind in the last couple of days was when I was rehearsing with The Orchard worship team.

 What about that setting or atmosphere made me “happy”?

     –  collaborative

     –  creative

     –  fun

     –  my experience and “expertise” is respected.

     –  grown-ups.

     –  goal is something bigger than myself.

So, now I’m trying to figure out what type of career exists that incorporate most of these things, so then I can seek out a different direction.

Joni and I (ok, mostly Joni) have come up with a few things:

–  I have some friends (3 in fact) in the recording industry.  Is there something there (not necessarily performing) that would fit into this description.\

–  I have another friend in the marketing industry that produces corporate events (lights, sound, pipe & drape, video, etc.)

–  I have a retail management background.  If I coupled that with my current band directing career, could I perhaps get into retail instrument sales.

–  I had a friend who years ago, told me that he didn’t necessarily think I should follow just the music side of my giftedness, but that I should dream bigger, and look more into overseeing the entire production of an event.  That was a particularly icky time in my life, and I’ve kind of put it aside until recently.

–  I also need to be able to support my family (duh).

 What am I not thinking of?

 Give me your thoughts, PLEASE!!!!


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  1. Joni

    Incorporate the positives from your career in your search as well: vacation time, daily hours, freedom to be involved in volunteer ministry-especially around holidays; discounts at the aquarium and Verizon–I could go on 🙂

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