Week #6 & #7 weigh-in

Week #6 – Not so good

+3.6 lbs – spring break, not much exercise, too many poor food choices, duh….

Week #7 – back on track

lost this week – 4.8 lbs

total lost – 21.2 lbs



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7 responses to “Week #6 & #7 weigh-in

  1. Way to pick yourself up and keep on moving forward!



  2. Ahhh… The rollercoaster ride of life. But you got back on track and dropped almost five pounds.Good for you, man.

  3. Great job! I know it was discouraging for you after break. I’m proud of you for keepin’ on.

  4. Awesome! 🙂 What of the things I struggled with for years was being able to get back on track after a small break. Three cheers for you!!!! jumping right back into your healthy eating plan.
    Lady Rose

  5. Brenda Shipma-Willging

    Good work! Keep going! Speedo season is right around the corner.

  6. It happens…I hope you’re keeping measurements also…exercising will show differences in sizes too to keep you motivated when those extra pounds temporarily sneak in..

  7. Great work Doug! Keep it up!

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