Time for Action

I know it’s been a while, but I have some new thoughts……

 Scott gave a great message a couple of weeks ago, and made mention of Christ’s mission to “seek and save the lost”.  I’m not really sure what he said after that, because I went off on a sort of rabbit trail in my mind.

Seek and save………

 Seek is a verb.  It requires action.  I can’t seek by sitting on my couch.  I can’t seek by attending church and looking to “be fed”.

“I’m not being fed,” is something that I’ve heard far to often.  I may have even said it.  My new response to that is, “If you’re not being fed, then pick up the fork!!”

Jesus also said, “Come follow me.”  Follow is also a verb.  It also requires action.   That’s why I’ve also come to prefer “Christ follower” instead of “Christian”.  I’ve been a “Christian” since I was 9.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever really been a follower of Christ.

I’ve always been pretty comfortable in my faith.  I was frightened into salvation, a number of times even.  Those 70s movies, and bible studies on Revelation will do that to a kid.

However, I think I’m coming to the realization that being comfortable in my “eternity” is probably not all that important.  I’ve come to believe that my eternity is a symptom of a life spent “seeking” and “following”, and not just a destination.

It’s time for me to get uncomfortable in my faith, and it has started with my “lifestyle” change and my comittment to weight loss.  It has been a real roller coaster.  I also believe that my trip to El Salvador this summer will be another step outside of my comfort zone.

 Are you comfortable?  Should you be?  Are you “seeking and saving”?  Are you “come and see” or “go and be”?



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4 responses to “Time for Action

  1. Great thoughts, Doug. I am going through a similar transformation right now and as a body in Christ, the church has decided to no longer accept that mindset you were describing. We want more and we’re picking the fork up.

    Thanks for a great reminder, man. I came over here to check on you and am lovin’ it.

  2. tom

    Wow, Doug. You are on a journey. El Salvador, huh? I’m picturing you riding on a donkey through a jungle with a really big hat and poncho. Now I’m laughing.

    Seriously though… could you grow a big mustache?

    No, seriously! Great thoughts here. The Post-modern folk have been criticized for the ways in which they let their post-modern thinking affect their theology.

    I wonder if the modern church has ever really struggled with how their modern thinking has affected their theology. A key characteristic of moderns is to putting a high value on knowledge and intellect. Therefore, faith can really become merely belief (intellectual agreement) and growth becomes the acquisition of knowledge.

    Somewhere in the 300’s Christianity shifted from “drop your nets and FOLLOW me” to a sort of “beliefism” – i.e. you’re a Christian if you have the right beliefs. Jesus talked a whole lot more about following, and feeding, and caring, and loving. As you said – these are action words.

    Of course this makes the works/grace folk a little nervous. But I like it when Jesus makes religious people nervous.

  3. I’ve never personally met Doug so a mustache, poncho and a big hat riding a donkey might seem very normal if he trotted up to me.

    Great stuff to be wrestling with Doug. I do not fully claim to have aquired this step of “dropping my net” completely but I am feeling pretty convicted about gripping mine so tight!

    I also agree that the works/grace folks can get worried, but what about us grace/works folks? I serve my wife because I love her – I don’t love her because I serve her….(not sure what I just said, but I think you get the point).

  4. this has got me thinking, too, Doug. I don’t like the comfortable feeling I’ve had all of these years but I don’t know where I’m going with all of this just yet. It seems that Tom Cox is on to something with the Catalyst Faith group. Maybe God is getting ready to stir something up in a bunch of people, including you and me. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’ve been feeling the way I’ve felt lately. I don’t know but I know I need to explore what is going on in my heart and I don’t do that very well. It’s a scary lonely place in there. But you have definitely given me some food for thought. You’re the man!!!

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