In need of wise counsel…..

Here’s the deal in a nutshell…….

I believe that God has created me to be in music ministry as a team leader, worship leader, etc., but that position has not presented itself.  Currently, I’m not all that cracked up with my current career, and often cringe at the thought of continuing until the age of retirement.

 A few weeks ago, I sent my resume to a church that has an opening for a music leader.  Today they requested a cd,dvd, or video of me performing.  I have something that I can send them with no problem whatsoever.

Here’s my quandary………

I LOVE the church I’m currently attending, and I’m finding new things about God and myself there.  My wife LOVES the church we are currently attending.  My kids love going to the church we are currently attending.

IF I were offered this music position, then we’d obviously have to change churches, which makes me very sad.  IF I were offered this position, I’d be in a job that I (and others) feel would be a hand in glove fit for me.

 I guess my feeling is this…… If I’m supposed to have this job, then God will present it.  The way that He works would tell me that it is the correct step for my family and me.  If not, then He won’t.

 Is that too simplistic?



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2 responses to “In need of wise counsel…..

  1. Glad to hear your searching and thinking, man. I’ve been wondering what’s been going on with you lately.

    I believe his response has a lot to do with what you ask for and what his will really is for you. God has a sense of humor with this type of thing and just as soon as we’ve got it figured out and know what’s what, he changes it up and reminds us he’s still in control.

    To be sure of God’s leading, you see the people of God in scripture asking for proof that it was what God wanted. Peter, to be sure it was Jesus out in the storm, asked to be able to walk to him on the water and God answered. Elisha, looking for answers as to whether he was to take the children of God into battle, repeatedly asked God for signs and answers and he did as he was asked. Ask.

    I’ve been struggling with seeing his will recently and find it interesting how often I am wrong and he is right. I’m learning to trust him.

    I pray you find the faith to ask and receive in his time.

  2. Yeah, it’s too simplistic. It’s not as simple as “a door has opened, I should walk through it.”

    The offer of the job is not proof it is what God wants you to do; it’s only proof it’s what that church believes God wants. It’s very possible both things are true, but it’s not necessarily obviously so. The fact that you are conflicted about the decsion makes that clear.

    I don’t believe in “laying out fleeces.” We can’t expect to control how God will speak to us. Pray, think, talk it over with your family and friends and make the best decision you can.

    The one thing God consistently asks for and rewards is our trust in Him. For you, that might mean taking the risk of this new venture, or it might mean staying where you are and waiting for something else.

    The bottom line is still Rom 8:28. God bless.

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