Week #3 Weigh In

Week #3 loss – 4.6 lbs.

 Total Loss – 14.4 lbs.

 I also reached my first weight loss goal this week!!!



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10 responses to “Week #3 Weigh In

  1. Brenda Shipma-Willging

    Last week a shot put… this week a bowling ball. Way to go!

  2. waistloss

    Looks like you are making awesme progress! Keep up the great work!

  3. mp

    doug, that’s great! keep it up — way to honor God with the stuardship of your body.

  4. You’re doing a great job, Doug. I’m very proud of you.

  5. Fantastic job! What’s your next goal?


  6. Doug, you’re my hero. Get ‘er done.

  7. Go Doug…go Doug…go Doug (just be thankful you can’t hear me singing that!!) 😉

  8. Praise God that he is giving you the weakness to transform your will!

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