And now it starts……..

I went to the gym today for the first time and rode the bike fora total of about 20 minutes or 4 miles.  It felt good to sweat for some reason other than tying my shoes.  Got dressed and headed for school.  Ate my breakfast in the car before I went inside.  The kids showed up and one of them, sucking up for missing her lesson Monday, handed me a couple of bite size snickers.  At least I waited for a while to eat them.  Not that I was really hungry, but they were there and I didn’t want them to melt, and they were only bite sized.  Enough Ruhs-ionalization.

I drove to my other building, and out of habit walked through the teachers lounge, where someone was nice enough to bring in a couple dozen Krispy Kremes, and Dunkin Donuts.

Run Joseph Run!!!!!  and I did.  I’ve avoided the lounge the rest of the day so far, and should be able to “escape” from school.  However, my ride home will include a trip to the gas station, where my all-time favorite snack is located – Cheddar n pretzel combos and a Coca Cola Slurpee.

Just pay at the pump, just pay at the pump, just pay at the pump…………



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2 responses to “And now it starts……..

  1. I’m dying over here. I can hear myself going through this same crazy thought process in my own head. I swear we’re related or something…

    I was just reading through part of Proverbs a little bit ago and Solomon’s instructions on staying away from the adulteress woman, seem very applicable to our struggles with eating and eating and eating…check it out.

    God, please help Doug to “keep a path far from” his temptations. Help him to walk in holiness as he gives up his own desires to serve you well in the body you have given him. Thank you, Father.

  2. Tina Harkey


    I don’t know if you know anything about weight watchers, but just as an FYI, coke slushies from Burger King are 7 points (that’s 1/3 of my points for the day) so I have no idea how much the one’s are from the gas station, but I would guess pretty close. So one could totally mess you up for the day.

    Bite sized (one) or hershey kisses doled out by someone that can ration for you at the moment can be a “sweet” reprieve when you must have one. Might be worth looking into to help with slump times or when you must have something so you don’t go overboard.

    Just my 2c. I’ll pray that you can continue on and will win over “your lion that you are in a pit with on a snowy day” you can win! You are more than an overcomer through Christ.

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