The wisdom of the hormonally challenged

Yesterday I stopped in at my sibling middle school to return some mouthpieces, check in on my band compatriots, and see some of my old students.  As I was leaving and walking down the hall, 3 M.S. boys approached me and this was the conversation that I overheard.

Boy 1:  “Dude, did I tell you about the guy I saw that can reverse his digestive tract?”

Boy 2:  “What?”

Boy 3: “No Way!”

Boy 1:  “Yep!  He can reverse his digestive tract and crap out of his mouth!!”

What do I do with this information?  At this point, I’ve resisted the temptation to do a Google search.

Only in Middle School…….



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2 responses to “The wisdom of the hormonally challenged

  1. Pam Wheeler

    That is just wrong. I will have to ask my middle schooler if she knows about that. She seems to know about everything else….

  2. I’m on my 3rd son going through middle school…oh, the things they come up with…

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