Freedom in Christ

Man do I need help!!! Since I have turned over a new “leaf”, and have made the commitment to be with God on a daily basis, I have experienced some things that I wasn’t expecting.

As far as my eating goes, I have had the GREAT experience of sensing God’s presence to make the “good” choice. It’s almost as if He’s right there saying, “I love you too much, for you to treat yourself this way”. A very cool experience. That’s not to say that there haven’t been some “indulgences”, but there has been progress in the last week, in reference to the amount of food that I’ve been eating. PRAISE GOD!!!


I’m being tested in other areas of weakness, specifically in the financial arena. Truthfully, it’s just that I’m tired of having no financial freedom. I’m tired of having to watch every dollar. I’m tired of having to deny my family and myself some conveniences and comforts that I see other friends having. I’m tired of it!! When is it going to end.

Father, I am so thankful for what you have provided, but for whatever reason, I’m not content with it. I want financial freedom. I want to be able to join the health club. I want to be able to buy some new furniture. We need to get our vehicles repaired. I want a new guitar. I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with these things Father, but You know my heart. Please reveal to me where I’ve gone wrong. Help me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I pray for a financial miracle Father. I pray that I won’t need a second job. I pray that Joni won’t have to get a job. I pray for contentment, peace, and understanding. Please forgive me for whatever I might have done, but don’t understand. Please don’t hide yourself from me Father, in this area. I need Your help. Thank You again for Your grace, mercy, and provision. Please help me to feel and understand them. In Your name. Amen.



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2 responses to “Freedom in Christ

  1. It’s funny how similar we really we are…

    I’m going through the same thing with my eating habits and after a long fast, God has awakened me to how bad the habits really are and how important it is for him to be my only master. I’m sick of the way I make food, people, my lusts, and everything else my god and my master.

    I’ve been going through similar struggles with the financial deal as well and have determined that this year will be a year of change, no matter how bad I hurt or suffer to get it there. I don’t want to be mastered by debt or the weight of it.

    I want Christ and Christ alone. I want to serve the one and only Master.

    Lord, I beg you, on behalf of my brother and on my own behalf, that you not only help to free us from these chains, but to fill us with your strength, courage, and resolve to do whatever it takes to work hard on our end to do whatever is lacking. Open our eyes to see you. Thanks for loving us despite us loving foolish things more than you and proving it with how we live.

  2. I was talking to my wife this morning about wanting to do a fast. Because I, too, am addicted to things that are not God.

    God is also requiring of me – to offer all of me – to Him, which includes my finances. It is easy for me to get sucked into the desire to want more and then focus on “my money” to get me those things. But my money is not my money, it is God’s! I have pursued and gotten some of these things and guess what? It’s True!! I am not satisfied once I get them. It’s the same with anything new, I love it at first, I like it after that and then I grow tired and want to replace it.

    I am with you in wanting the financial freedom. But for me, the freedom lies within not wanting more money – which I will never have enough if I focus on money as an end – but rather not being sucked into the Matrix that tells me I’m not content unless I have more…whatever! According to Paul in Phillipians, it’s all horse dung anyway.

    All to say, I can relate and am on foot in battle with you my friend. Thanks for putting it out there Doug!!

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