In the backseat……… (grab some coffee)

So my mom and her husband bought my kids a portable DVD player for Christmas.


 They also got them a case for it, that allows you to mount it in your vehicle for the kids to watch on long trips.

EVEN COOLER!!! (it’s a 4 hour drive to my mom’s house).

So the night before our trek back to Chicagoland, my dad and I decided that we’d go ahead and mount the case in our Expedition so it was ready to go for the next day.  He climbed into the second row behind the driver, and I climbed into the second row on the passenger side, and put the DVD player and case in the child safety seat between us.

I opened up the “travel case” to look for the installation instructions (yep.  I’m an instruction reader.  Too many costly mistakes.  I eventually can learn…….), and of course they are the last thing to pull out of the box.  After reading, I find that I’m in need of the 4 adjustable nylon straps that secure the “case” between the two front seats.  We dig through the contents of the box, and find that the 4 straps are wrapped up and secured with some type of futuristic, unbreakable, government issued, military grade plastic tape.  We couldn’t break this stuff no matter what we tried.

And now for a short interlude…….

For those of you who know me well, you might be thinking, “Doug, you have never met a straw, coffee stirrer, plastic cup, to-go coffee lid, etc., that you can’t “chew” into submission”.  Folks, while the previous statement is all too true, I couldn’t chew through this tape to save my life, let alone, break these nylon straps free.  Trust me, I tried.

Now back to our story…….

I asked my dad if he had his pocket knife with him, and he didn’t.  In fact, he and I just went to the truck without putting on shoes or coats or anything, not even a pair of  keys.  My Expedition has that cool entry keypad…. punch in your code and it unlocks the doors.  Next to the adjustable gas and break pedals, it’s the coolest thing about my truck!

Here’s where we get to the real reason of this post……….

I realized that we needed  the right tool for the job, and reached for the door handle to go and get some scissors.  Nothing happened……. the door was locked…….. wait……  the button is up………..  What the……… CHILD SAFETY LOCKS!!!!!!!!!    You have got to be kidding me.   My dad was ahead of me, and had already tried his door with the same result.  Two grown men, trapped in the back seat of a Ford Expedition.  I think the funniest thing is this….  We both fancy ourselves as “handymen”.  I just finished remodeling a townhouse, and my dad is an electrician.  And here we sat, trapped by child safety locks.

It gets funnier……….

Luckily my dad had his cell phone.  He called his wife inside the house (15 feet away), but was laughing so hard when he made the call, that he couldn’t explain to her what we needed.  She came outside to check on us because she thought he was hurt.  She couldn’t see into the truck because our windows are tinted, and didn’t really know what was going on until she opened the front door to find us laughing so hard that tears were running down our faces.

Once she released us from our “prison”, the installation proceeded as planned with no further incidents.  It wasn’t until later, that my wife told me that the same thing had happened to her, when she climbed into the second row, to buckle up our 2 year old and the wind blew the door closed.  Luckily she was small enough to climb into the front seat to release her self.

The moral of  my story………

Child safety locks work!



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2 responses to “In the backseat……… (grab some coffee)

  1. Vicki & I would never have checked on you had you not called. We would have assumed you were being meticulous(family trait) and gone to bed. Good thing your Dad had his phone. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever experienced. Especially since your dad couldn’t even talk!

  2. I’m in tears!…. this is so funny!

    How many times have I gotten locked in a car?… not many but certainly it is comparable to my family rushing out to church one Sunday, locked the front door and realized both of us had just locked our keys in the house… So locked out of the house, locked out of the car… dressed in our Sunday best (running late), two little one’s in tow..
    What did we do?
    Picture this: My 6’2″ husband in his Sunday best wiggling through a tiny window in the back of house… Giggles

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