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I was given an assignment last night at my “appt.”, and on the surface seems like it really shouldn’t be too big a deal, but I thought I would open it up to anyone with a thought, or perhaps might be or might have struggled with being “out of shape” in the same way that I am.

My assignment was this……..  List the advantages of being overweight, and list the disadvantages of being overweight.

I’ll discuss the list at my “appt.” next week.

Thanks for your insight!!!



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7 responses to “Your input

  1. I know that I’m not as overweight as you are but even in my situation there are still disadvantages. This could be a running list that I will add to as thoughts come to me-ah, ADD at its finest:

    1. Carrying my gut around is a major source of lower back pain.
    2. If I’m not mistaken, you had to stop playing softball (oh so long ago) because your knees couldn’t take it any longer and I think you said this was because of your weight.

    that’s it for now…

  2. Beth

    Advantages of being overweight:
    You are warm in the winter
    You look like a big cuddly teddy bear
    You don’t have to count calories/carbs. etc.

    Advantages of NOT being overweight:
    You can be there for your kids and wife for MANY years to come…and play with them more now!

    I am sure there are other pluses to not be overweight, but do they really matter after that one?

    Good luck – I am stuggling too. I lost 130 lbs while in AZ, but gained some back after 2 kids. I am losing again, but got hung up with a bad knee that may need surgery (dislocated knee cap). Hang in there – you can do it! I’ve known you a long time and know you can do anything you want! Just give yourself a “free day” every couple weeks or so to have a cookie/ice cream/chips/pizza (just not ALL that in one day!)
    Prayers for you…Beth

  3. Advantages:
    I don’t have to make any effort to watch how much I am eating.
    I don’t have to exert myself unnecessarily with lifting weights or aerobic training. One less thing to do.
    All food I eat will taste good and there will be plenty of it.
    I won’t spend any money on sweaters.
    I’m squishier to my kids for snuggling.
    I can bond with my 20 lb cat.

    I will die sooner
    Life insurance costs more
    Clothes are more expensive
    Volume of food purchased is more expensive
    Can’t pull my kids close enough
    Can’t pull my spouse close enough
    More doctor bills
    Physical exertion is hard
    Can’t run to snag my child out of harm’s way
    Can’t fit into airline seats or restaurant booths easily
    General social stigma
    Can’t squeeze through restaurants or wedding receptions with close chairs and tables
    Can’t dance anymore
    Physical comedy isn’t as easy
    Summer isn’t as fun-too hot & the bathing suit thing
    Constant focus on self–which is sinful

  4. I suppose I ought to do the assignment myself……

    Advantages of being/staying overweight……
    – I can eat whatever I want
    – I can eat whenever I want
    – I don’t have to exercise
    – I don’t have to really address my “fears” (I’m sure we’ll discuss this one this week at my “appt.”).

    Disadvantages of being/staying overweight
    – back pain
    – knee pain
    – foot pain
    – hard to get out of furniture
    – can’t GET life insurance
    – back pain
    – harder to play with kids
    – harder to “play” with wife
    – can’t play softball
    – can’t play basketball
    – can’t ride my bike
    – knee pain
    – poor sleep
    – it affects my ministry. I’d love to be a full time music leader in a church, but who would hire me?
    – sets a poor example for my family
    – foot pain
    – selfconscious in public
    – friends are disappointed in me, and afraid for me.
    – small public furniture; I don’t fit.
    – back pain
    – shortened life span
    – ill fitting clothing
    – I don’t fit in small economic vehicles

    I’m fairly certain that I could think of more. Perhaps later………

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