Removing the log…….

I was just over at my buddy Alex’s blog, giving him a hard time about not “blogging” in a while, when it dawned on me that I hadn’t made an entry in a while.  So Alex, here’s me “removing the log” from my own eye.

Had a really good Thanksgiving.  My wife cooked the best turkey I’ve ever eaten (sorry Mom).  Actually my mom was there and was HIGHLY complementary of the bird.  My brother was in charge of the baking, and again, came through with a home run.  I was basically in charge of keeping the kids out of the kitchen, and eating.

I am really thankful for a lot, because I’ve been blessed with a lot.  A warm house, clothing, food on the table, a loving wife and family, parents who are still very supportive of all of my endeavors, a brother who is a hard worker and rock star to my children, my church family, and a good job.

I’m also thankful for the attempt at a new outlook…….

A few months ago, a “mentor” that I’m seeing weekly told me to “choose my mood”, and that has really helped me out this year.  Instead of taking it personally when I’m “hurt” by things I can’t control, I’m taking a more proactive approach and doing my best to not let it bother me.  I’m not always successful, but am doing a better job of it this year than in years past.

Here’s hoping that you had a great Thanksgiving!!!



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3 responses to “Removing the log…….

  1. Tom

    It couldn’t have been “Removing the blog from your own eye?”

    Glad you had a good turkey day. Jean and I worked in a community kitchen (not calling it a soup kitchen because that sounds like it’s just for the homeless, and it’s not just soup.) Served Thanksgiving dinner for about 150. Fifteen deep fried turkeys! That rocked!

    Anywhoo… no family, no travel, just four glorious days off!

    go horned frogs!

  2. Joni

    Is there ANY chance the Poinsettia bowl will be televised?

  3. The Poinsettia Bowl will be televised Tuesday, Dec. 19 at 8ET. You are very welcome… That’s two NIU grads vs. one TCU guy. Go Huskies!!!!

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