Long night at the townhouse……

I worked out there until 11:00 last night, which didn’t put me home until 11:45, and after a luke warm shower (I think our water heater will be dead soon), a stumbled to bed at about 12:15 am.  Easily the latest I’ve been awake in MONTHS.

For those of you who don’t know, my wife and I recently purchased a townhome as an investment property, and our goal is to have it ready to rent by 12/1.  We’re on schedule, but as our first real “renovation” we’re finding out why you should set a timeline and a budget, and then double both of them.

I had the master plan last night of putting down the new floor in the powder room, installing the baseboard, and then installing the toilet.  Since both bathrooms needed to be updated, we’ve been without a toilet for about a month now.  It makes for interesting stories that are best not shared here.  Anyway, the floor was done and I only ruined 2 of the planks, the baseboard went in nicely, but when I went to put the shoe on, I realized that it was a different size, and it didn’t cover that gaps required around the edges when you install a floating floor.  RATS!!!  So now, I have to decide whether to deal with the less than desirable “look”, or tear out the shoe, and find something wider to cover the gaps.  And to top it off, the toilet still isn’t installed.  I thought that the hardware kit (bolts, nuts and washers) came with the wax ring, and I thought wrong.

Thank heavens for the Home Depot that is close.  I can go purchase the hardware kit, and use the restroom.  It’s a win win!!!!



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2 responses to “Long night at the townhouse……

  1. Beth

    You’re scaring me! We close on our new house next Monday and are putting in a new bathroom in the basement next to the guest room, which will be used over Christmas. We have about a month to strip wallpaper/borders, paint all the rooms, put in a bath and take finals!! EEEK!

    Love those renovations huh?

  2. Dave Younce

    Thanks for your comments on Banter from Brooks – much appreciated. Say hi to Mike Jones for me.

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