THE SUN CAME OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though the room that I teach in doesn’t have any windows, I went outside and ate my lunch, and soaked up some Vitamin D.

I think that is the vitamin that the sun helps us out with.  How does that work?  I don’t think the sun actually gives off Vitamin D.  But I hear that in the winter we get the blahs from a Vitamin D deficiency, which comes from the months of gray weather.  I can vouch for the winter blahs, I felt them just yesterday (see “I’m In Trouble”).  Would it help if I actually supplemented my diet with Vitamin D tablets?  Would I get less blah?  Somehow I doubt it.  On the other hand, if I get the blahs from the lack of sun (vitamin d deficiency), then wouldn’t too much sun (a sunburn) be a vitamin d overdose?  How odd…..something that I take internally, causes my outermost layer to become red and painful.  If I then follow this logic to it obvious and natural conclusion, the opposite of the blahs is sunburn.

Anyway, the sun came out and I feel soooooo much better.  I’ve very much looking forward to driving home today, cranking up the tunes, and “soak up the sun” as the song says.

Perhaps I should put on some lotion……..



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2 responses to “Ahhhhhhhh………

  1. Joni Ruhs

    That IS funny.

  2. Brenda

    Why is it that band directors always end up in the bowels of a school building? I feel your pain.

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