Man!!  What a great day at The Orchard yesterday!!

A little history……

My wife and I were members of Ginger Creek Community Church for a long time, and were completely in love with the people there.  That’s what made it so hard to leave 9 months ago.  The questions we asked ourselves, the questions we were asked by others, the questions we asked God, the guilt we felt.  It was super hard.  But we couldn’t escape the  undeniable feeling that our time at GC was done; that God had something new in store for us.  We neither had left a church before, and weren’t sure how to do it.  A very difficult decision that we still have occationally questioned.

God confirmed for me this past weekend that we are in the right place.

The last 4 weeks, we have been in the midst of a series entitled “BIG”.  It concluded this past week with Scott sort of laying out the last 4 years, and all of the “BIG” things that God has done at “The Orchard” in that time.  Absolutely amazing!!!

I won’t get into all of the details at this point, but suffice it to say that God is alive and well at The Orchard, and that people are finding God on a weekly basis.  God is reaching lost people through at The Orchard.  “Seek and save the lost” has never been more evident to me than what I’ve experienced in the last 9 months.

It has also been apparent that “growth” isn’t really about attendance.  The number of people that attend each week is merely a “symptom” of the work we are doing.  I liked the way the Dr. Stone at GC put it once.  The focus shouldn’t necessarily be those that we are reaching, but we need to continually ask ourselves “Who aren’t we reaching?”.

YAY GOD!! for all the work you’re doing!!



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2 responses to ““Growth”

  1. Ya know…

    God sometimes picks you up and plops you here and says – “Start Over.. Now what?”. I am encouraged that you are energized. Nothing is more clear than when you “get it” (My wife Kimmy says that to me all the time… I STILL don’t know what she means – LOL)!

    I am a firm believer of “Pay It Forward” and you have certainly done that at GCCC. Now go and inspire a new crop of fence riders and let them see what it means to know God and more important… How to be loved!

    Peace Bro


  2. Wow…these are exciting times!!

    I am glad got brought you family to The Orchard! Thanks for the investment you are making!

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