Spiritual “Detailing”

Last night at the mid-week service at “The Orchard”, our pastor used a great illustration to help us realize our need for a boost mid week.

He said it was like when you take your old beater car to shop to get stuff fixed.  Then when you go to pick it up, not only is your turn signal fixed and the muffler replaced, but they’ve also detailed the inside.  The upholstery is clean, the floor is vacuumed, and the dash has been dusted and polished!  You no longer feel like it’s an old beater, but something to be proud of!

I can totally relate to that.  Generally by Wed. night, I’d just as soon stay home with the family, check out the newest episode of Lost, and just relax.  I’m not really all that interested in “fixing” the things that need to get fixed.  But when I go to that mid-week service, I get “spiritually detailed”.  Spending time in worship, getting some good bible teaching, and engaging in good fellowship really charges the batteries and gets me through until the weekend!

BUMMER!!!  I have to wait 29 more days until the next one!!



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